Self-Catering Occupancy 2017 - Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

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    Self-Catering Occupancy 2017 - Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

    Source: VS Scottish Accommodation Occupancy Survey

    This data is drawn from the VisitScotland Scottish Accommodation Occupancy Survey. This survey offers a snapshot of accommodation performance in the Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire region, and a comparison to Scotland-wide figures is provided. The SAOS data is collected and processed by the Moffat Centre on behalf of VisitScotland. 

    The 2017 average occupancy figure for Self-Catering was 51%, a very slight increase of 0.03% on the previous year. With the exception of the month of May, the region closely mirrored the Scotland-wide performance across the year (which averaged 53% occupancy). 

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