How optimistic are you for the next 3 months? (Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire respondents)

    The Industry Perspective

    VisitScotland Barometer Q2 2019: Optimism Levels - Next 3 months - Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

    Source: VisitScotland Tourism Barometer

    The Tourism Industry Barometer is a nationwide survey conducted on a quarterly basis. The survey is a partnership between VisitScotland, local councils and destination organisations. The results are used at a regional level to provide feedback to businesses on how tourism in our area is performing.

    91 respondents from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire gave feedback on Quarter 2 2019 (April to June inclusive).

    58% of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire respondents claimed to be very or quite optimistic about the next 3 months (July to September), lower than the Scotland-wide figure of 66%. 

    The national response for optimism levels was as follows:

    Very Optimistic: 24.29%

    Quite Optimistic: 41.27%

    Neutral: 20.21%

    Not Very Optimistic: 10.91%

    Not At All Optimistic: 3.32%


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