How are your visitor numbers compared to same quarter last year? (Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Respondents)

    The Industry Perspective

    VisitScotland Tourism Barometer Q3 2018: Visitor Numbers

    Source: VisitScotland Tourism Barometer

    The Tourism Industry Barometer is a nationwide survey conducted on a quarterly basis. The survey is a partnership between VisitScotland, local councils and destination organisations. The results are used at a regional level to provide feedback to businesses on how tourism in our area is performing.

    These figures represent Quarter 3 (July - September) 2018 (Sample = 89 respondents).

    Circa 70% of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire respondents stated that visitor numbers were up or similar to the comparable quarter for 2017.

    The "Up" category and "Business closed this quarter" category mirrored the Scotland-wide picture, detailed below. However, a greater % of local businesses reported a decline in visitor numbers this quarter than the Scotland-wide sample.

    Up: 42.24%

    Similar: 37.09%

    Down: 19.61%

    Business Closed: 1.06%

    The Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire sample is relatively small so do treat results with some caution.


    VisitScotland Tourism Barometer Q3 2018: Turnover VisitScotland Tourism Barometer Q3 2018: Optimism Levels

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