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    Visitor Survey: Aspects of Trip Ratings

    Source: VA Visitor Survey Spring 2019

    These results are drawn from the spring 2019 wave of the Aberdeenshire Visitor Survey, undertaken by Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

    Base Samples (see below) are smaller than the overall visitor survey, so please treat results with caution. 

    The net positive scores (Excellent/Good combined) are as follows:

    Attractions: 93% (BS = 370)

    Accommodation: 92% (BS = 96)

    Quality of restaurants/eating out facilities: 91% (BS = 299)

    Activities: 82% (BS = 183)

    Information available on the region: 87% (BS = 346)

    Events: 78% (BS = 93)

    When comparing the net positive ratings with previous wave results (summer 2018), it is positive to note that:

    - Information on the region was +6%

    - Attractions was +4%

    - Activities was +4%

    Whilst these are all very positive, attention should be paid to the split between Excellent and Good within each statement. For example, within Attractions, 53% selected Excellent, whereas within Events, although it is very positive at 78%, 26% rated them as Excellent, whereas 52% rated them as Good. Clearly this is still a positive result, but there are opportunities to improve the product further, and shift more experiences, towards Excellent. 

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