How have your views of the region changed as a result of your current visit?

    Visitor Perceptions and Experiences

    Visitor Survey: Visitor Shifts in Perceptions following Visit

    Source: VA Visitor Survey Summer 2019

    These results are drawn from the summer 2019 wave of the Aberdeenshire Visitor Survey, undertaken by Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce. Fieldwork took place over a 6 week period in July and August 2019 at key attractions and areas known for visitor footfall across the region.

    Of the 419 visitors surveyed, 63% stated that their views of the region had not changed following their visit, a very positive result bearing in mind 95% of visitors agreed/strongly agreed that they have a positive opinion about Aberdeenshire. Other results of note are:

    - 36% said their perceptions had improved following their visit.

    only 1% stated their perception of Aberdeenshire was now worse following their visit.

    Base Sample = 419

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