How have your views of the region changed as a result of your current visit?

    Visitor Perceptions and Experiences

    Visitor Survey: Visitor Shifts in Perceptions following Visit

    Source: VA Visitor Survey Spring 2019

    These results are drawn from the spring 2019 wave of the Aberdeenshire Visitor Survey, undertaken by Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

    Of the 401 visitors surveyed, 65% stated that their views of the region had not changed following their visit, a very positive result bearing in mind 94% of visitors had agreed/strongly agreed that they have a positive opinion about Aberdeenshire. The more interesting results perhaps are:

    - 34% said their perceptions had improved following their visit.

    only 1% stated their perception of Aberdeenshire was now worse following their visit.

    Base Sample = 401

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