Accommodation Used: Domestic Visitors 2016 (Nights)

    Who is the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Visitor?

    Accommodation Used - Domestic Visitors 2016

    Source: VisitScotland Regional Insights

    This data is drawn from the Great Britain Tourism Survey, a national consumer survey measuring the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism trips taken by residents in Great Britain. 

    Hotel/motel is the most popular accommodation type with domestic visitors at 40%, and 28% of domestic visitors choose to stay at their own home, at a friend's home or a relative's home. Please note, due to rounding, the pie-chart does not add to 100%.

    The regional figures are, on the whole, similar to the Scottish picture, with the exception of hotel/motel which takes a significantly higher share of the accommodation market than Scotland as a whole.

    Scotland Breakdown:

    Hotel/motel: 29%

    Guest house/B&B: 5%

    Own home/friend's home/relative's home: 33%

    Caravan or camping: 9%

    Self-catering: 17%

    Other: 7%

    Unfortunately due to sample size, 2017 "accommodation used" data for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is not available.

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