Accommodation Used: Overseas Visitors 2017

    Who is the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Visitor?

    Accommodation Used - Overseas Visitors 2017

    Source: VisitScotland Regional Insights

    This data is drawn from the Great Britain Tourism Survey, a national consumer survey measuring the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism trips taken by residents in Great Britain. 

    Hotel/Guest House is the most popular accommodation type with overseas visitors at 49%, followed by those who stayed, as a non-paying guest, with relatives or friends (28%). 

    The regional figures are, on the whole, similar to the Scottish picture, with the exception of hotel/guest house which is below the national figure of 57%.

    Scotland Breakdown:

    Hotel/Guest House: 57%

    Non-paying guest with friends/relatives : 25%

    Bed and breakfast: 13%

    Own home: 1%

    Rented house/flat: 4%

    Camping/Caravanning: 3%

    Paying guest with friends/relatives: 1%

    Hostel/Uni/School: 4%

    Other: 3%








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