Average length of stay - Domestic Visitors to Scotland 2016

Average Stay (Nights)
Who is the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Visitor?

Average length of stay - Domestic Visitors 2016

Source: VisitScotland Regional Insights

This data is drawn from the Great Britain Tourism Survey, a national consumer survey measuring the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism trips taken by residents in Great Britain. 

At an average of 3.3 nights, Aberdeen and Grampian is very much on a par with the Scottish average of 3.4 nights. At the upper end of the chart is Highlands & Islands averaging 4.7 nights. An expected result perhaps given the touring nature of the region and geographically spread out sub regions within it. At the lower end is Edinburgh & the Lothians (2.8) and Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley (2.3), again not surprising given they are more city break oriented and potentially act as gateway points for visitors. 

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