Scotland Golf Visitor Survey 2016: Age Profile (Aberdeenshire Respondents)

    Who is the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Visitor?

    Scotland Golf Visitor Survey 2016: Aberdeenshire Age Profile

    Source: Scottish Golf Visitor Survey 2016

    The Scotland Golf Visitor Survey 2016 was undertaken by SQW and Progressive on behalf of VisitScotland and Scottish Enterprise.

    The age profile for Aberdeenshire broadly follows that for Scotland as a whole (see below). Over two-thirds of Aberdeenshire respondents fell within the categories 35-44 and 45-54 (67% when combined), the highest of any of the regions analysed within this research.

    Scotland breakdown:

    18-24: 0%

    25-34: 7%

    35-44: 12%

    45-54: 26%

    55-64: 32%

    65+: 20%

    (Base Sample 1745)

    Aberdeenshire Base Sample: 179 Respondents. Due to the small sample size, please treat results with caution.

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